As many of you know, one of the founding pillars of my business is my desire to relate to my students.  I am not a retired teacher or professor working in the private guidance sector to pass the time now that I’ve retired.

I am 27 years old.  It wasn’t too long ago I was in high school myself.  And even a shorter time ago I was in college.  I’ve been through the college search, job search, and real-life “what am I doing with my life” search all in the last decade, not 30, 40, or 50 years ago.

I tell my students not to think of me as the role of another teacher or another parent, but to think of me as an older brother.  In fact, I am almost always much closer in age to my students than my parents, so this role seems to fit and my students have seemed to appreciate this relationship since I began guiding students through the college search process back in 2011.

Beginning in 2014, one of my best friends and I started documenting short, small tips & advice we encountered ourselves as we navigated the “real world.”  In 2018, we made it our goal to move these tips into book form as a Christmas present to our younger brothers.

The book specifically targets students ages 19 to 24, but many chapters can apply to those of all ages.  This time of year, as college students begin thinking about jobs & internships, and high school students start to feel the pressure of looming admissions deadlines, parents often ask me for reading materials. Of course I am extremely biased, but I do think components of our book could be helpful.

Lastly, we did not write this book for profit.  We wrote it because we wanted to help out my younger brothers.  We wanted to make the transition from college to the real world just a little bit easier for them.  Therefore, if you are interested in reading the book but the $12.95 fee is a hurdle for you, email me.  I have plenty of author copies I am happy to send your way.

Wishing you the best of luck in your next life transition.