So thankful we found Jack

Having Jack as a consultant for Molly was so comforting in a time of super-high anxiety.  Jack was such a wealth of knowledge and a breath of fresh air during the most stressful time of the college application process. Jack’s understanding of the process and confidence in getting off the waitlist were extremely helpful.

The entire college process is so confusing and complicated.  As a parent of a first-time college student I was amazed at the amount of information we were expected to learn and process and then apply…then we found Jack and the confusion disappeared.

I am so thankful we found Jack come waitlist time.  His skill, support and encouragement during an emotionally loaded time period were exceptional.  Jack knows the college application system inside and out.  He has contacts at multiple institutions and, most importantly, he has the ability to connect with both the student and parent in a very comfortable, laid-back yet professional manner.

Thanks to Jack, Molly was accepted to her dream school, Wellesley College!

Jenny Roberts (Parent). Camden, ME