Extremely impressed by Jack’s professionalism

Jack was a great help throughout the stressful–and seemingly endless–waitlist process. I was extremely impressed by his professionalism and willingness to help in any way (even with college processes other than the waitlist, such as financial aid). His credibility surpasses many college counselors, based on his comparatively recent and personal experience being put on the waitlist at Vanderbilt.
When my admissions representative at Wellesley called and informed me that I had been taken off the waitlist, I was thrilled! Even more exciting, perhaps, was the news that I was her first choice as a waitlisted applicant. She told me how impressed she was by my commitment to the school, and all the ways in which routinely I showed her I was qualified. I would not have known to do this if it had not been for Jack’s guidance!
In essence, I highly recommend Jack and his services if you find yourself waitlisted at your top school(s), or need help with the college process in any other manner. There’s no time to waste!
Molly Mann, Wellesley College '21