As you get ready to start your journey as a college student, one of the most important obstacles that you need to overcome is the college application. Applying for the college of your dreams is a daunting task and you might feel that your acceptance is riding on answering the questions perfectly. Luckily, you have the expertise of Delehey College Consulting to guide you through the process. Not only will we help you with your college application, but we can help you maximize your chance of acceptance. As your Top Rated Local® college counselor, Jack Delehey has proven methods to help you attend the college of your dreams. Learn more about our college consulting services and contact Delehey College Consulting today to get started!

In today’s post, we will discuss a few of the common mistakes people make when they fill out their college application so you will be more prepared to avoid those mistakes. When you’re finished reading, if you are interested in expert college advice, schedule an appointment with Delehey College Consulting today!

Failure To Proofread

You will have to do a lot of writing when it comes to your college application, therefore, it’s important to proofread your answers before you submit them. Spelling and grammar errors are common, and even if you read through your essay yourself, some mistakes can go unseen. Have one or two people look over your application before you submit it. A majority of the time, a second or third pair of eyes can catch mistakes that you may have missed the first time around.

It’s also important to keep in mind the language that you use. Avoid using “texting language” and be sure to spell out words completely. Don’t be afraid to open a thesaurus, but don’t overuse or misuse big words just to make yourself sound smart.

Lack Of Interest

Your interest in the school plays a part in whether or not you will be accepted. Even if the school you are applying to is a back-up school, you want to show as much interest in that school as you show in your dream school. Do some research to see what activities they offer, what classes you might be interested in taking, or what volunteer opportunities they have available. Some schools even look to see if you’ve liked their social media pages.

Generic Answers

Many college applications will ask you why you want to attend their school. Prospective students who say that they like the class sizes or the student-to-teacher ratios have a lower chance of being accepted over those students who provide specific details about why they like the school. While you may like the fact that the class sizes are small, listing it as a reason won’t make your application stand out from the crowd, especially since many schools offer a lower class size. It’s important to do your research so you can say specific classes or activities that peak your interest in the school. Providing examples will help a school not only differentiate you from another student, but it will also show your interest and dedication.

One-Size-Fits-All Essays

Applying to a few different schools increases your chances of being accepted to at least one of them. However, you decrease that chance if you try to write an essay that can be used for all of your college applications. While some schools may have similar essay questions, it’s important to take the time to write an essay for each different college. College admissions can tell when students write one essay and try to make it apply to all of their applications. Each essay you write should be tailored and focused to fit each specific essay question.

College Consultant

If you’re struggling or stressed out about finding and applying to the right collect, Delehey College Consulting can help! Jack Delehey, the founder of Delehey College Consulting, has proven methods to not only help students find the right college, but his methods also help students maximize their acceptance rates. As your Top Rated Local® college counselor, Jack can help you overcome the common mistakes people make on their college applications. Find a college that you love and maximize your chances of acceptance with Delehey College Consulting. Contact us and get started today!