1. Seniors – Waitlisted? Juniors – What to do with your summer

    It's that time of year again.  The calendar turns to March and two things happen simultaneously: Seniors - You are starting to receive admissions letters.  I've written many articles on this so I'll be brief.  But the waitlist has a terrible name.  It should be called the proactive list.  T…Read More

  2. A book that could help (& you might just know the author)

    As many of you know, one of the founding pillars of my business is my desire to relate to my students.  I am not a retired teacher or professor working in the private guidance sector to pass the time now that I've retired. I am 27 years old.  It wasn't too long ago I was in high school myself.  …Read More

  3. Happy Holidays! We’re thankful for YOU this holiday season.

    This holiday season, we are thankful for YOU.  Whether you are a past client, current client, future client, student, parent, mentor or just a fan, we are truly thankful for the support. A note from the founder, Jack Delehey: When I started Delehey College Consulting back in 2011, I had one goal in…Read More

  4. How to make the most of a campus visit

    Don't just tour...make an impression Two weeks ago we provided insight to high school juniors and parents—if you want to start the college search process, start with campus visits. There is no better way to get a sense of the types of schools a students likes/dislikes than seeing them first-hand w…Read More

  5. High School Juniors & Seniors: Where to focus this year

    GRADES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY OTHER FACTOR WHEN IT COMES TO COLLEGE APPLICATIONS You may not have experienced this yet, but, believe it or not, in college you might take a course where you take two tests over an entire semester—and those two scores make up your grade! That’s it, 50% each. H…Read More

  6. The Common App Essay: Time to Start

    CHOOSE PROMPT #7 TO SEPARATE YOURSELF FROM THE PACK Yes, it is that time of year again.  Time for juniors (about to be seniors) to begin writing their Common Application Essay-- “The Personal Statement.”  The Personal Statement is widely considered the 3rd most important portion of your applic…Read More

  7. Second Semester Seniors: Get some B’s, it’ll be good for you

    "Life is available only in the present moment.  If you abandon the present moent you cannot live the moments of your daily life deeply." -- Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Buddhist monk and peace activist This one’s going to be just a little controversial…   To all second semester seniors in high …Read More

  8. The Waitlist is not for waiting

    March 2, 2018 Want more info on the article below?  Click here to learn more about Delehey College Consulting and waitlist offerings. _________ Over the next 30 days, hundreds of thousands of eager to-be college students will get that dreaded email notification: “Thank you for applying to our ___…Read More